2020 trends in Graphic Designing

2020 trends in Graphic Designing

Hey Readers!

In this blog, we will tell you about the latest trends that you will see in 2020 in Graphic Design. You can incorporate these trends in your work to make it more creative and attractive.

Every minute there is a new trend that is coming but only a handful of the trends become popular. Many famous designers keep themselves updated with the new trends and keep on researching on the same.

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We have prepared a list of 6 trends that will enhance your work and you are sure to get appreciations from your colleagues and bosses!

We will discuss 6 major points in this blog –

i.                                  Eco-friendly graphics

ii.                                Font distortions

iii.                              Animated layouts

iv.                               Sketch over image

v.                                 Dark interface

vi.                               Monochro