Basic Python

Basic Python

In this course, you will explore everything about the real world usage of the Python Programming Language and script codes with a tilt towards Artificial Intelligence.

Course Details

·         Course Introduction

·         The tools you need

·         Installing Python 3 and an IDE (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

·         Your First Python Code 

·         Your First Python Program

·         Variables

·         Simple Types: Integers, Strings, and Floats 

·         List Types 

·         Type Attributes

·         How to Find Out What Code You Need 

·         Dictionary Types

·         Tuple Types

·         How to Use Datatypes in the Real World?

·         Python Shell and Terminal Tip

·         More Operations with Lists

·         Accessing List Items

·         Accessing List Slices

·         Accessing Items and Slices with Negative Indexes 

·         Accessing Characters and Slices in Strings 

·         Accessing Items in Dictionaries 

·         Creating Your Own Functions 

·         Print or Return? 

·         Intro to Conditionals

·         If Conditional

·         Conditional Explained Line by Line

·         More on Conditionals

·         Elif Conditionals

·         White Space

·         User Input

·         String Formatting

·         String Formatting with Multiple Variables

·         For Loops: How and Why 

·         Looping Through a Dictionary

·         While Loops: How and Why

·         Problem Statement

·         Approaching the Problem 

·         Building the Maker Function 

·         Constructing the Loop 

·         Making the Output User-Friendly

·         Simple List Comprehension 

·         List Comprehension with If Conditional

·         List Comprehension with If-Else Conditional

·         Functions with Multiple Arguments

·         Default and Non-default Parameters and Keyword and Non-keyword Arguments

·         Functions with an Arbitrary Number of Non-keyword Arguments

·         Functions with an Arbitrary Number of Keyword Arguments

·         The Concept of Processing Files in Python 

·         Reading Text From a File 

·         File Cursor 

·         Closing a File

·         Opening Files Using "with"

·         Builtin Modules

·         Standard Python Modules

·         Third-Party Modules

·         Interactive English Dictionary - How The Output Will Look Like 

·         The Data Source 

·         Loading JSON Data 

·         Returning the Definition of a Word

·         Taking Into Account Bad Words

·         Implementing Case Sensitivity 

·         Intro to the App

·         Making the App

·         What is Pandas?

·         Getting Started with Pandas 

·         Getting Started with Jupyter Notebooks

·         Loading CSV Files

·         Loading Excel Files

·         Loading Text Files

·         What is Numpy?

·         Convert Images to Numpy Arrays

·         Indexing, Slicing, and Iterating Numpy Arrays

·         Stacking and Splitting Numpy Arrays

·         Web Map - How The Output Will Look Like

·         The Basemap

·         Adding Points

·         Adding Multiple Points

·         Adding Points from Files

·         Popup Windows on Map

·         Color Points

·         Syntax Errors 

·         Runtime Errors

·         How to Fix Difficult Errors 

·         Good Programming Questions

·         Error Handling

·         Website Blocker - How The Output Will Look Like

·         Application Architecture 

·         Setting up the Script 

·         Setting up the Infinite Loop 

·         Implementing the First Part 

·         Implementing the Second Part 

·         Scheduling the Python Program on Windows 

·         Personal Website - How The Output Will Look Like 

·         Your First Website Preview

·         HTML Templates 

·         Navigation Menu 

·         CSS Styling

·         Creating a Python Virtual Environment

·         Deploying the Website to a Live Server 

·         Introduction to Tkinter

·         Setting up a GUI with Widgets

·         Connecting GUI Widgets with Callback Functions

·         Introduction to "Python with Databases" 

·         Connecting and Inserting Data to SQLite via Python 

·         Selecting, Inserting, Deleting, and Updating SQLite Records 

·         Introduction to PostgreSQL Psycopg2 

·         Selecting, Inserting, Deleting, and Updating PostgreSQL Records 

·         Desktop Database App - How The Output Will Look Like 

·         User Interface Design 

·         Frontend Interface 

·         Backend 

·         Connecting the Frontend to the Backend, Part 1 

·         Connecting the Frontend to the Backend, Part 2 

·         Creating a Standalone Executable Version of the Program

·         Object Oriented Programming Explained 

·         Turning this Application into OOP Style, Part 1 

·         Turning this Application into OOP Style, Part 2 

·         Creating a Bank Account Object 

·         Inheritance 

·         OOP Glossary

·         Introduction

·         Loading, Displaying, Resizing, and Writing Images 

·         Solution with Explanations

·         Face Detection

·         Capturing Video

·         Webcam Motion Detector - How The Output Will Look Like 

·         Detecting Webcam Objects 

·         Capturing Motion Time

·         Introduction to Bokeh 

·         Your First Bokeh Plot 

·         Using Bokeh with Pandas 

·         Time-series Plots

·         More Visualization Examples with Bokeh 

·         Plotting Time Intervals of the Motion Detector 

·         Hover Tool Implementation 
·         Section Introduction

·         The Concept Behind Webscraping 

·         Webscraping Example

·         Scraped Website Data - How The Output Will Look Like

·         Loading the Webpage in Python

·         Extracting "div" Tags

·         Extracting Addresses and Property Details

·         Extracting Elements without Unique Identifiers

·         Saving the Extracted Data in CSV Files 

·         Crawling Through Webpages

·         Web-based Financial Graph - How The Output Will Look Like 

·         Downloading Datasets with Python 

·         Stock Market Data 

·         Stock Market Data Candlestick Charts 

·         Candlestick Charts with Bokeh Quadrants 

·         Candlestick Charts with Bokeh Rectangles 

·         Candlestick Segments 

·         Data Collector Web App - How The Output Will Look Like 

·         PostGreSQL Database Web App with Flask: Steps 

·         Frontend: HTML Part 

·         Frontend: CSS Part 

·         Backend: Getting User Input 

·         Backend: The PostGreSQL Database Model 

·         Backend: Storing User Data to the Database 

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 1.5 Months
  • Upcoming Batch: 09-05-2022